Frequently Asked Questions

Reset iStumbler
If you find that iStumbler isn't behaving the way you expect, it might be time for a reset.
Quit iStumbler and re-launch it with the shift key held down, when prompted choose “Reset”.
iStumbler will then move it’s database and prefs files to the trash and re-start itself.

Why can't iStumbler see my network?
iStumbler scans by sending out probe frames over the Wi-Fi interface on all available channels. Access Points MAY respond to these probes but they might also be configured as private networks. iStumbler can now see any network you are connected to, if it's responding to probes or not. iStumbler is intended to find publicly available wireless. Making your network private is the equivalent of putting up a "No Trespassing" sign and the tool respects that.

Does iStumbler allow me to access networks protected by WEP/WPA/WPA2?
No. A few have asked for this feature but I don't plan to implement it. You can use KisMac accessing WEP networks.

While WEP can be cracked in seconds, WPA isn't easy to compromise (takes a dedicated CPU on the order of an hour to apply the rainbow-table table attacks that we currently have). WPA2 is, so far, unbroken.

Does iStumbler support wireless interfaces other than built-in Wi-Fi?
Not yet.

Why are all networks showing the same value for noise (-96 dBm)?
Your Mac is equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter card from Qualcomm/Atheros which does not provide accurate noise information.

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