iStumbler Location Plugin

Location List

The Location plugin shows the location of your computer, the best estimated location of Wi-Fi networks, and other computers running iStumbler when configured to share their location.

Location Map

The Location Map shows the best estimated locations of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Devices in your Radio Store.



The locations list displays a table of objects with known locations, the table has the following columns:



Location Source

Displays information about sources of location data.

Location Tracking

Enable tracking of of this computers location, when exported the track will be a line in the resulting kml file.

Location Sharing

Enable sharing of this computers location and browsing for shared devices.

Remove iStumbler from Location Services list in Security & Privacy Preferences

If you have uninstalled iStumbler you may still see it listed the table of apps which are allowed to access your location. You can view this list in:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Location Services

If you authorized iStumbler to use Location Services there will be an entry in the list, Apple does not provide a UI for removing it, so you will need to open and enter the following commands very, very carefully:

% sudo -s
# killall locationd && rm /var/db/locationd/clients.plist
# exit

Once completed you may need to Enable and Disable Location Services in Prefs for the entries to be completely removed.

You may also want to clean up the Application Support folder:

~/Library/Application Support/iStumbler

… Logs:


… DiagnosticReports


and the preferences:


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