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Reset iStumbler

If you find that iStumbler isn't behaving the way you expect, it might be time for a reset.

Quit iStumbler and re-launch it with the shift key held down, when prompted choose “Reset”.

iStumbler will then move it’s database and prefs files to the trash and re-start itself.


iStumbler Windows

The main window has controls for showing and hiding the side panels to select plugins and see detailed information about selected items.

The Timeline Slider allows you to dynamically scrub through your iStumbler history: all the way to the left and you will be focused on only the networks reported in the last scan, all the way to the right and iStumbler will display all results.


Plugins List & Status Timeline Slider & Info Panel


All of iStumbler's major functionality is implemented in separate modules. Each plugin has it's own main view, preferences view for configuring the plugin and an inspector panel to show detail on a selected item.


Some things you don't need every day are tucked away in preferences, including app- wide user interface settings, and the Log and License preferences.


If you don't want to keep using iStumbler you can simply quit the Application and drag it to the trash. If you want to remove all traces, please follow these instructions.

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